Kyocera Technology Development: Study Report

Comparative study was conducted with Konica Minolta, HP, Kyocera, and a new prototype printer drivers. The purpose of the study was to test the new prototype and its Quick print features and get user feedback on competitor software. Based on the results of the study, the changes were implemented in the new prototype and current driver

Kyocera Technology Development: Usability study report

This study examined the usability of a front panel of multi-functional printer. The purpose of the study was to obtain users’ feedback on the front panel workflow and visuals. Based on the results of the study the workflow and information architecture was cleaned and made simpler for the user

Microsoft: Study on getting and sharing information about Election 2008 online

This study was conducted in November 2008, right after the Presidential Election. The purpose of the study was to understand current user behaviors, practices, and pain points with online tools users were engaged in around the Election topic. Times People (social tool of New York Times website) and wireframes of new social tool for MSN website were also tested. 10 participants came to Microsoft office or were reached by phone to discuss their online experience and get their feedback on wireframes. Based on the results of the study, the recommendations on the MSN website improvements were made and wireframes of the new social tool were adjusted.


Jaanix is a social bookmarking tool, a lot like or But its recommendation engine is different and the interface as well as the content is personalized for each user, based on his or her view history and topics preference. Based on the work with users (discounted usability studies, online discussions analysis, A/B testing, and log/heatmaps analysis), several new features were developed and the interface changed. At the end of the year with Jaanix, it had 1% convertion rate, 7% returning visitors, about 200 active users and 2000 users returning at least once a week.Jaanix features included: social bookmarking, personalized recommendations, micro-blogging, commenting, the ability to find like-minded people, export to and Twitter, and keeping spammers out: the accounts were not suspended, but nobody could see their posts.

Watch Jaanix presentation
Watch Jaanix in action

Usability of kids computer games: a research for Russian Ministry of Education

Working on a grant project from Ministry of Education, I developed a set of guidelines for usability of computer games. For that purpose I observed 15 kids ages 3-6  playing various computer games, both Russian and American.


Interaction Design project for video-hosting service involved development of the workflow for the users to create Dynamic and Fixed Collections from the videos uploaded.

Fliqz interaction design collage

Wiser Earth project for FLOSS Usability event

Wiser Earth managers came to FLOSS Usability to get ideas how to improve their website and user interaction. Three participants, including me, provided heuristic evaluation of the website, "role-playing" three types of users. Based on the results of the study, 2 types of primary users were defined and the website was re-designed, using affinity diagrams.